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299 Cordial Drive
Bridgeville, PA  15017
(P) 724-942-4100




Mike Fosnot - Recruiter Profile

Michael Fosnot
Office Name:

Michael Fosnot

Office Address: 299 Cordial Drive

Bridgeville, PA  15017

Office Founded: 1991
Phone: (724) 942-4100
Office Homepage:
Experience: I opened in 1991 after a highly successful career in sales. In my 20 plus years of recruiting, I have consistently been a top recruiter in the Chemical Industry and have achieved over $1 Million dollars of production. Additionally, I hold a Bachelors degree in Chemistry.
People I Recruit: Paint & Coatings Plastics Polymers Adhesives General Chemicals Inks Adhesives BS/MS/PhD Chemists BS/MS/PhD Chemical Engineers Managers/Directors/VP's of Technology Managers/Directors/VP's of Engineering/Manufacturing Managers/Directors/VP's of Sales and Marketing
Testimonial: In the past six months, I have had many contacts with various executive recruiters. I found you to be far more knowledgeable about your client, more focused in your business activities and set apart by your highly professional and dynamic nature. Further, you have earned a significant amount of respect and trust from the Managers at your client company to the point where you are a part of their decision making process for new hires. All in all, I have found your type of approach very rare in the executive search field. So again, thank you. Sincerely, Mitch.
Keywords/Skills: chemist, chemical engineer, chemistry, paint & coatings, paint and coatings, paint, coatings, coating, resins, resin, ink, inks, adhesives, plastics, polymers, polymer, polymer R&D, polymer synthesis, chem, chemist, organic, chemical, dyes, pigments, chemicals, chemical engineer, finishes, plastic resins, research & development, R&D, research,


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